Interview with Mr. Riley

"Starting L. Riley Trucking & Dispatch was no walk in the park. It started with a welding team, a hammer, and a yard dog..." says Leslie Riley...


Drivers: Turning Green News

At home, at work and on the road, more people are looking for ways they can “Go Green” in their everyday lives. For truck drivers of all sized vehicles and all types of roads, this is especially important in light of current high operation costs. You want to know how you can help the environment and protect your wallet despite the high cost of fuel.
People are looking for examples of how going green saves you money, how to implement green ideas and how transportation can be more environmentally friendly. Fleet managers want to know how to improve fuel economy in fleet vehicles and increase fuel mileage for diesel trucks. The high cost of fuel is prompting increased fuel theft, making security locks for truck fuel caps and anti-siphon devices increasingly popular as a gas stealing deterrent. read more...



Photos: Dependable Dumping

L. Riley Trucking and Dispatch specializes in the removal and delivery of dirt, sand, gravel, rock and concrete. 
With an unwavering dedication to becoming the premier minority hauling source, L. Riley Trucking and Dispatch practices the highest standards in hiring professionally licensed and seasoned drivers with reliable trucks.  Each member of our team treats our clients with the ultimate respect and possesses an excellent work ethic.

CA License: 242654





NEWS & Mr. Riley's "Thank You's"

-C. C. Myers is partnering with L. Riley Trucking & Dispatch to complete the Caltrans 110 Freeway project. This long-term late night project will demand a team of talented and highly skilled drivers that we are honored to assemble.

-The Skanska U.S.A.’s Palm Desert project was a timely and collaborative success! Thank you Skanska and Caltrans for putting your confidence in L. Riley Trucking.

-The Windsor Fuel Company’s Mojave Desert project was a timely and collaborative success!  Thank you Windsor Fuel Company for putting your confidence in L. Riley Trucking


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